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19th June 10:30 GMT

San Jose Earthquakes-Portland TimbersMajor League Soccer


19th June 10:30 GMT

LA Galaxy-New York City FCMajor League Soccer


19th June 10:00 GMT

Oakland Roots SC-El Paso Locomotive FCUSL Championship

19th June 08:30 GMT

Coritiba-America MGSerie B


19th June 08:30 GMT

Houston Dynamo FC-Seattle Sounders FCMajor League Soccer

19th June 08:30 GMT

Austin FC-Los Angeles FCMajor League Soccer

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Betting on football has increased in popularity over recent years. With online Freefootballtipsterpro becoming more prominent, punters are wagering (and winning) huge amounts across the football season. Here at bettingexpert, we have a wide range of football tipsters from across the globe who give their football betting tips and predictions on a variety of football matches every week. Our tipsters not only offer the best football betting tips, with our User Statistics page allowing you to see which football predictions have come in, but they’re free football betting tips too!
Football is one of the most popular sports worldwide, with millions of fans watching a huge range of leagues and competitions each week. From the English Premier League to the Argentinian Primera Division, each league has an array of fans and with it, fans of betting on these leagues too. Our expert football tips will help you when you’re looking at staking money on competitions you’re not too familiar with. As well as betting tips on the ‘Big Five’ European leagues – namely the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue Un – many of our football betting predictions are based on leagues from South America, Eastern Europe and the Far East.
What makes football so popular in betting circles is the amount of matches played each week. Even in the close season, there is almost always a league or competition still in action for bettors to take advantage of, giving them more opportunities to make profit on their football betting. If you’re looking for free football tipsters, or more importantly the best free football tipsters, our bettingexpert team are here to help.
Football betting has been around for decades. Ever since the first football match was played over 100 years ago, punters have been putting money down, and traditional football betting exists pretty much how it was to this day. Punters can bet on the 3-way result, betting on either club to win or betting on a drawn result. Or perhaps betting on goal totals is more your style, the most popular being betting on whether a match will end Over or Under 2.5 combined goals. There are plently of Freefootballtipsterpro to choose between but our tips for football are either
Free Football Bettings Tips

    Incheon United
    Gimcheon Sangmu

    19th June 06:00 GMT



    19th June 11:30 GMT


    Vasco da Gama

    19th June 07:00 GMT

    Serie A

    Thanh Hoa FC
    Khanh Hoa FC

    19th June 07:00 GMT


    Birmingham Legion FC
    San Antonio FC

    19th June 08:00 GMT

    USL Championship

    Toronto FC
    Nashville SC

    19th June 07:30 GMT

    Major League Soccer

    Atletico GO

    19th June 06:00 GMT

    Serie A

    FC Lahti
    IF Gnistan

    19th June 02:00 GMT


    Charlotte FC
    Orlando City

    19th June 07:30 GMT

    Major League Soccer

    Baladiyat ElMahalla SC
    Pyramids FC

    19th June 12:00 GMT

    Premier League

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Here at bettingexpert, we have a huge and fast growing betting community. Every day, you’ll find new football betting tips on our site so if you’re looking for the best free football tips of the day you know where to come! Our free football betting tips aren’t just based on Match Result betting, with Both Teams To Score, Asian Handicap and Total Goals Over/Under tips amongst many more markets widely available.

Expert football tips can be difficult to find, which is why we rank our tipsters in terms of their profit and yield so you can be sure you’re taking advantage of the best soccer betting tips around.

Football is without doubt the most popular sport in the world and betting on football is equal in popularity. Millions of people bet on football across the world, week in week out. Whether it's betting on the full-time result, the Over/Under goal totals or even the handicap, football betting continues to grow with new betting markets being offered by Freefootballtipsterpro all the time. Here you'll find all you need to know from football tips to experienced football tipsters to help you get the best wager.

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All There Is To Know About A Football Tipster
There can ever be only one reason for wanting to place a bet, especially in the game of football. It is to win and win handsomely so as to facilitate the maximization of profits over a long period of time. This is what serious punters aim at and in order to ensure the same, they take the help of tipping services widely prevalent in football betting who keep offering soccer tipping predictions.
Football tipster—a definition
Simply speaking a soccer tipster is one who is aware of certain winning betting tips which he gives to punters either free or for a fee. In order to ensure that his reputation remains undamaged in the field of football betting, he offers well-researched and statistically analyzed tips which have the potential to come true when a punter bets on football. In fact, even though the profit earned by expert soccer tipsters is comparatively quite less, his reputation, however, is dependent on:

  • The winning percentage that the tip earns a punter,
  • The return on investments that he gets once the game is over and
  • The average profit that gets made within a certain time period.

While most punters think that in order to make a big winning, they need to have, what is known as a multi-team accumulator, so as to be able to improve their stakes and win big. This might not be very good strategy for most since soccer Pro Tipsters tend to only select those bets which they think would be able to earn them a profit, irrespective of how big or how small the profit is.

Ways for a tipster to choose his tips

It has been said that the tipsters’ main aim is to make a profit but predicting the outcome of a bet can be quite a challenge since there are no hard and fast rules to the game. The predictions for a weekend game of football can only be made by weekend soccer tipsters only after they thoroughly analyze all the information related to the game so that they the logical reasoning that they use is strong enough to be able to have the winning edge.

Basically, the reason for the success of the tipster, depends on his ability to look at the game from every statistical angle present; this is something that the normal punter either does not do or does not have the time to do. Thus, every factor or statistic that can in any way, have a bearing on the outcome of the game is thoroughly analyzed along with other information such as recent team news performance, their current record regarding head to head clashes etc.

Once all possible angles and statistics regarding an upcoming game of football is minutely scrutinized, a soccer tipster or one that charges a small fee, is able to give tips which ensure that when bets are placed based on these tips, the punter stands a chance to make some real money.
How to trust a tipster
With numerous football tipster sites claiming to offer the best tips for an upcoming game of football, it becomes very difficult for a person to choose one. But it needs to be kept in mind that football is a dynamic game, the dynamics of which keep changing with every kick of the football. Thus, there might be a chance that even if the tip is a well calculated, well-researched and well-informed opinion, they do not always guarantee a win.

However, punters need to be aware of a few tips so that they are able to choose a free soccer tipster today and reduce their chances of making a loss but increase their chances of a win. These points allude to:

  • Certain specific information and statistics like the:
    • Strike rate of the individual tipsters,
    • The average profit that the tipsters make during a current time period,
    • The return on investment that the current game of football is set to make.
  • The strike rate of the football team in question tells the punter the percentage of bets that a Pro soccer tipster is likely to win. Thus, if a tipster has a 58% strike rate and another a strike rate of say, 65%, it can be logically concluded that the tipster with the higher strike rate offers much better winning tips which will be able set a blaze of wins for the punter.
  • With regards to the average profit any information provided is the calculated average profit taken over a certain time frame. Thus, a $261 monthly profit average means that the tipster has made a total profit of around $261 X 12 in a year.
  • The calculation of the return of investment is done by following a very simple formula. The total profits earned, is divided by the total amount of investments made and calculated in the form of a percentage. Thus, if the soccer tipster today puts out a stake of $1000 and wins a profit of $550, the ROI is calculated by dividing the profit by the amount staked and then converting the resultant decimal into a percentage.

However, one needs to remember that there are certain restrictions that get automatically placed on the tips since the above calculations are not based on:

  • How long the bets have been placed and
  • How many bets have been placed in order to achieve the above ROI, the average profit and the strike rate.

Thus in order to be sure that the soccer tipping predictions of a tipster are on point, statistics on both the short-term reliability and the profit of a tipster needs to be ensured and known. It is only when a good relationship builds between a tipster and a punter, is a punter able to place bets properly and gain sizeable winning amounts from the same.
Charges involved
It is a known fact today that there are innumerable websites which provide experienced tipsters for free, while there are others which charge a nominal amount for the same. It can be said with conviction that all tipsters of repute will definitely charge a fee for their predictions since these predictions are made only after investing a considerable amount of time into calculating the same and also coming up with profit gaining tips.

Generally free tips are offered by soccer Pro Tipsters so as to showcase the quality of tips that a tipster website has on offer. This is more of a marketing strategy so that:

  • More and more people sign up at the concerned website and become its member and
  • They are able to build up a solid success story based on the:
    • Huge number of tips that they get and
    • up their chances of making profits by winning more and more bets.

Thus these free tipsters offers tips to all and everyone who comes to visit the football tipster sites but the best and the most lucrative tips are stored for their members who:

  • Have unlimited access to tips covering over fifty leagues,
  • Get banker tips,
  • Learn the latest team news for analysis and
  • Are able to a part of a large community of tipsters.
Scams and fraudulent behavior
Where there is such a huge amount of money involved, there is always a chance of someone trying to commit scams and fraudulent deals. Thus, it is always important to understand that not all soccer tipster can be trusted.

In fact some tipsters go to the extent of setting up a website and a social media page with paid reviews and even charge a nominal fee for providing what they claim to be tips with 100% guarantee. But it should be kept in mind that the dynamicity of the game of football lies in its unpredictability and thus even expert soccer tipsters are also not able to offer tips with a 100% winning chance.

Any tipster website which charges people just to enter, is sure to be a fraud. Genuine tipster websites will always let a person navigate their website, understand their way of working and even offer them some free tips which they can use to win a bet placed on a current game of football.

Thus in order to be able to associate with only genuine and good weekend soccer tipsters, customer review of the concerned websites should be always read and free tips followed to know understand if the tips provided are actually good and relevant.

Any website which even remotely feels like a scam should be avoided at all costs and money should never be given initially. It is only after availing of the free tips that a football tipster website provides and understanding the chances of winning should one process with the required registrations.

The websites offering Pro soccer tipster advices are numerous and hence in order to filter out the scams from the honest ones, user discretion is a must. Thus, no one should be trusted with blindfolded eyes and decisions made only after different parameters for genuineness is checked.


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