How Does Value Betting Work?

How Does Value Betting Work?

Value bets are when the probability of an outcome is much higher compared to what the bookmaker’s odds claim. Soccer is considered by many to be the best sport to bet on. When you engage in this type of betting, you will place bets having much higher chance of winning than the indications made by the bookie’s odds. It is all about making profits in the long-term compared to whatever the bookmaker odds claim.

Value Betting Situations

It is recommended to follow this pro strategy football when you have access to new information about the match. For example, if a player gets suspended or injured. Bookmakers can make changes to the odds based on such information, but it is going to take some time. You should still expect them to show odds that don’t actually reflect the true probability of an outcome.

Many bookies set higher odds due to market factors like winning streaks or well-known biases. Thus, bookie odds are expected to always have certain inconsistencies. The result is that you can always find great opportunities for value betting.

Types of Value Betting

If you want to make profits from this pro strategy football, you should consider the different types of value betting.

i. Fundamental Value Betting

In this case you will practice value betting until you become a specialist in a certain league or championship.

  • You should be able to create your own odds
  • You will place bets when you think that the bookmaker has set very high odds without much reason
  • This is the conventional method of making profits and one of the easiest sports bets to win once you master it
  • If you want to use this form of value betting, it’s important to have in-depth knowledge of the league, teams, and players involved
  • It is almost like becoming a bookie yourself, but you will still be taking bets from other bookmakers

The fact is that there are many fundamental value punters but they never reveal it. If you are looking for ideas for winning a bet, you should include value betting into your arsenal as a punter. As a successful punter, you wouldn’t want to reveal this to anyone else and take advantage of the odds you have found. At the same time, you don’t want the sportsbooks to find out what strategy you are using.

ii. Technical Value Betting

This type of value betting focuses on the use of technology and market data. It relies on math and logic to come up with the true odds. You will then place your bet with the bookmakers whose odds are extremely different from yours.

As already mentioned, there is going to be variance in the odds offered by different bookmakers. In other words, they disagree with each other with some huge margins.

  • When multiple bookies disagree with their odds at a higher degree, you can consider betting on all outcomes
  • This is known as arbitrage opportunities
  • This strategy is perfect for soccer as the best sport to bet on
  • When 2 bookmakers disagree with their odds, it will mostly indicate that one is right and the other is not
  • When you can determine the bookmaker offering cheap odds and then place that bet, it will be value betting
  • When placing an arbitrage bet, you will be paying certain commission to the bookie
  • Value betting allows you to save on the commission, thus increasing your profits

Value Betting Tips

The following tips should help you find value in the soccer betting markets:

  • Use Alternative Types of Wagers: Totals and point spreads are the most popular and easiest sports bets to win in soccer, providing high returns. They are easy to understand and easy to win even when you are not an expert bettor. They are simple, but they don’t always provide you the best options for finding value. So make sure to consider alternate types of wagers for value betting. In fact, many times they are the only way to find value when betting.
  • Live Betting: This is a thrilling way to place bets on soccer. You can regularly find value in live betting. You will get the chance to watch games before placing your bets.
  • Use Alternate Betting Lines: Many times bookies provide alternate betting lines on soccer games. You may find a line with smaller point spread or higher points total. They can have adjusted odds. There can be minor or major adjustments in alternate lines, in either direction.
  • Go with Online Betting Sites: One of the important ideas for winning a bet is to bet online. The odds and lines on these sites are mostly better compared to bookies. This translates into better value for your bets. Betting online also makes it easier for you to shop around. You can also take advantage of rewards and bonuses.

Another pro strategy football tip is to do some shopping around. It is surprising that many soccer punters never bother to shop around. The odds and lines offered can significantly vary between different bookies.

When you shop around, you are able to find the best-possible value against each wager. You will be able to find one or more of the following:

  • Best odds
  • Best total lines
  • Best spread

Even when the differences between different bookies are usually small, this small difference can make a huge impact in the long-term.

The Role of Tipsters in Value Betting

Finding a pro soccer tipster can be quite difficult. Once you find the right one, make sure to stick with them. It is also recommended for today football match prediction banker, just like hiding it that you are using the pro strategy football of value betting.

So consider all these points if you want to make the most of value betting. Remember, value bets are not among the easiest sports bets to win. They are relied upon to increase your profits in the long-term. Even when you are likely to lose more bets in terms of frequency, you can look forwards to make more profit margins in volume.

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