How to win football accumulators?

How to win football accumulators?

How to win football accumulators?

Football accumulator bets are getting popular among punters. Every week a huge amount of money is wagered on football accumulators in a football season with everyone from the new to experienced punters and the betting fans looking to win big on their placed bets.

There is no secret how football accumulators have become incredibly in trend. Due to its huge popularity, bookmarkers also see it as a major source of their revenue and will offer a number of bonuses too to encourage accumulator betting. Many of us might have heard of accumulator bets on football but not everyone knows what they are and how are these beneficial.

Before coming to how to win football accumulators, it’s time to understand what is football accumulator first?

Football Accumulator

This is a single unique bet composed of a number of bets. It’s an accumulation of single bets into a larger bet. These bets are known by different names like footy acca, acca bet, footy accums, multi bet, combo and so on.

Each single selection in your accumulator bet can be referred as fold or leg. If your bet is made up of four different selections, then it will be termed as “fou fold acca” or “four legged acca”.

Let’s understand it with an example:

Suppose you think that Real Madrid, Celtic, Liverpool and PSG are going to win matches this weekend, you would bet they all will win. If you bet individually on these games, the odds might not be that great especially if you are betting on the teams that are favorites among punters. But you will get far better odds by combining all these bets in one single. If you placed an accumulator of four folds, each of the individual bet must win for your accumulator bet to be successful.  And, if any of these clubs fails to win, then footy acca will be lost. It is better to consider football accumulator predictions to avoid any risks.


Why bet on footy acca?

Now you might be wondering, why should one place an accumulator bet if they need a group of single bets to win? This seems tough and why wouldn’t one place bets on single games?

Placing footy accumulator bet is a simpler process which may vary from bookie to bookie. This process involves selecting the teams you want to bet on.

This is true that winning an accumulator bet is a tough task but the reason why people prefer these bets because they offer higher odds with great payouts. This is the best football betting strategy to win big on your betting.

Let’s understand it in a different way:

Suppose a team has 50% chance to win the match and if you bet on that particular game, then there are 50% chances that your chosen team will win. Now, if you are betting on 4 teams, and each of them has 50% chances to win then probability of winning the accumulator bet is 62.5%. And, as with all other single bets that you place, more unlikely the event, the odds will be higher.

And, these are the bets that attract many to betting on footy accas for the biggest football bet win.  Placing a football accumulator is a simple process which varies from bookmarker to bookmarker.

How does it work?

Now you know very well that there are chances to win accumulator bets, it is time to know how it is done. There is some fairly complicated math’s involved in this and if you are new to sports betting, it is impossible to start winning on accumulator bets.

One can take advantage of a free bet from bookie to make every bet win and then spreading the value of bet over all the matches that he includes in accumulator. When it is done correctly, this approach guarantees that you will earn profit. The exact amount of your win completely depends on the odds. When you get teams with low odds, the chances are you will get the biggest football bet win.

The trickiest part of the betting is the math’s work which makes sure that you are placing the right bets. If you are doing this well then you are going to make money without any risk but getting the math’s wrong will increase the risk of losing money on bet.

So, it is important that you choose a system that you may trust to place bets correctly and speedily. It is better to take help from football prediction sites regularly to avoid the fear of losing money. One should use an accumulator bet when he wants to risk smaller amount of money in a bid to win large sum.

The traditional football accumulator system depends on the match odds market. One can pick out a series of home or away wins and the draws. There are other accumulator types also growing in popularity such as over/under 2.5 goals and both teams to score. One may choose a combination of match odds, over/under bets or the both teams to score to place an accumulator bet.

How to win accumulator bets?

Check out the below betting tips and follow the best football betting strategies suiting your betting style:

  • Set a clear accumulator strategy
  • Remember to bet singles too
  • Include value bets to have a long-term profit
  • Don’t get greedy
  • Avoid placing bets on the short-priced favorites
  • Place bets on the top leagues and stick to what you know well
  • Avoid low and high-risk bets
  • Take advantage of bookmakers offers and compare it

The best part of accumulator bets is that you can mix things up a bit to increase the chances of your wins. Instead of just betting on English Premier League, you may add teams from other leagues like Champion League, Serie A and more. There is no doubt that it’s hard to make money from footy accumulator bets consistently. That’s why some people avoid risking on these wagers.  So, it is better to get football accumulator predictions from the best prediction sites online.

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