How to Win Soccer Betting Everyday?

How to Win Sports Betting Everyday?

Winning consistently in sports betting is extremely hard. It is the domain of experienced sports bettors how have gone through years of losses and wins. There are very few punters who are able to maintain consistency in their success. So what are the challenges and how to win sports betting consistently – almost every day.

The Big Challenge

One of the main reasons it is difficult to make consistent profits in sports betting is the vig that bookmakers charge. Without such a charge, it would have been possible to start making profits in the long-term.

If you want break even as a punter, it will be required to win more than 52% of your spread bets when you bet $110 just to win $100. Even when you are able to win $100 by betting $105, you will have to win just over 51% of your spread beats to be able to start making profits.

All bets placed through a sportsbook are going to have a vig. You cannot detect it in the money lines because they don’t display it. The vig is built-in. It can, however, be noticed from the difference between the plus/minus numbers on the money lines.

There are even more challenges to a soccer betting strategy that may help you win consistently. Sportsbooks are always trying to find how winning punters are able to pick games. They make changes to their lines and evaluation techniques to prevent you from winning easily.

So how to win sports betting on a consistent basis?

The following strategies should help you in this regard.

1. Sense of Long-Term Profits

When it comes to betting and winning with consistency, you have to build the sense of long-term profits. Some of the key aspects of this soccer betting strategy include the following:

  • Focus on growing your bankroll
  • Increase your wagers on each game at a gradual pace
  • Treat sports betting as a kind of marathon and not a sprint

While focusing on the long-term strategy, you are going to have losing and winning streaks.

2. Learn to Bet on Teams No One Likes

While the basic strategy how to win sports betting is to place wagers on leagues and teams you already know about. While it is important to follow this strategy, there is another side to it. Experienced punters who win consistently will tell you how much they like to bet on teams that nobody else likes.

The reason is that many times a great opportunity lies hidden in the form of teams that no one wants to follow. An example of such a team includes a side that has performed consistently over the long term but has been in a bad spell over the past few matches. While lesser people will want to bet on them, you can benefit from the high odds.

3. Don’t Always Follow the Big Score

Parlays and multi-bets offer the chance of the big score. These bets have very high odds and there are very small chances that you will be able to win them. So if you want a simple soccer betting strategy to win consistently, you should choose these bets less often. They may pay you well if you win, but it is extremely hard to win these bets.

Only when you have found significant value in these bets should you trust them with your money. One way to consider them is when you rely on expert tips and predictions.

4. Place Bets with Fewer Selections

It is great when you win a multi-fold accumulator. It means you can look forward to a huge payout. If you aim at how to win sports betting consistently, you should keep as few selections in your bets as possible. Single bets with smaller odds are excellent propositions.

Many punters overlook the fact that single bets can help them win consistently.

  • Keep most of your multi-selection bets to not more than 3
  • The chances of all the multiple selections becoming true on a single bet are very low
  • The more you add, the lesser the chances will become
  • Look for multi-selection bets that give you the option to cash out

5. Find Best Sports Betting Odds

Another strategy how to win sports betting every day is to look for the best odds. Most soccer punters understand the importance of pursuing ‘value’ but they never follow it consistently. You should look for the best odds based on the value they offer.

Bookmakers are highly competitive and the odds they provide will usually be close to each other. Then there are others that are more competitive.

6. Follow Less Common Markets

Another important soccer betting strategy to win every day is to understand and follow the less common markets. Many times punters think that they have won a bet. When they check the results, they find that their bet lost due to some ‘technical’ reason.  So make sure to understand that ‘technical’ aspects of a market before placing your wagers.

For example, in some competitions certain bets are limited to the 90-minute play period. They don’t take into account any extra time. Make sure that you understand this beforehand. You should also fully comprehend the differences between HT/FT and to win both halves bets. When it comes to win both halves bets, it is required for a side to win the first half and the second half. Both the halves are treated separate bets. In a HT/FT bet, a side must win at the half time and the full time.

So if you want to win every day, you should focus on long term soccer betting strategy. You should look for bets that provide you higher chances of winning on a regular basis. It is also important to rely on tips and predictions from experienced tipsters. This will help you avoid the need to do all the data analysis yourself. You will be able to rely on tips from experts who have won on a consistent basis.

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