What is Asian handicap betting?

Asian handicap tips

What is Asian handicap betting?

If you have been betting on football for some time and want to make it more exciting, then Asian handicap soccer may be just up your alley. Sometimes, traditional betting can be boring and you need to do something else. Then Asian handicap bets can seem like a fantastic idea. So what is this bet? This article will clear all your doubts.

An alternative betting scenario

Asian handicap betting offers an alternative betting scenario and market for those who want something different from the traditional setting. Some people consider it to be a complex market but it is really not so. What one has to do is spend a little time understanding the core concept and it will become as easy as anything.

Asian handicaps: A brief

In most football matches, there is easily a perceived difference between two teams playing. The quality of the teams is the main criteria. One team will be considered better than the other and that is what the handicap means. The traders and the bookmakers study these differentials and determine what chances the teams have in odds. This is their implied probability of whether they will win the game. Each team will have perceived abilities depending on factors like historical performance, form, home field advantage and financial strength. Depending on the teams, the differences can be substantial and this can mean that standard markets may not be very lucrative. With Asian handicap markets, this bias is taken into account and the playing field is leveled so that the chances of winning are better. How is this done? By adding either a negative or a positive goal handicap to each side depending on which team is considered the underdog and the favorite.

Benefits of Asian handicap soccer betting

This market allows you to not just trade in-play, but also lets you react on match specifics. This means that you can trade in this market just as you would in any other market. With Asian handicap predictions, you can use the Asian handicap market to lock in a profit while a game is on. Other benefits are mentioned below:

  • The team you may have backed may have lost but that does not mean you lose. You may still win or the bet may be voided, considering the application of the handicap. This lowers your chances of losing the bet.
  • With many professional bettors choosing Asian handicap bets, it is easy to understand that this may be one of the most profitable betting markets available. So when you choose this market to bet on, you are already choosing one that is likely to make you win money.
  • Since there is no draw, then betting margins will be lower. This is great when you bet for the long run because it helps you increase your winnings.
  • When a team is highly favored, it is wonderful because as a bettor it means that you will get more value.

Pointers to remember about Asian handicap bets

There are a few things you must remember about this special market.

  • Where to bet: It is extremely important to understand that most such bets are placed online. Though there are some avenues where you will get to bet on this market physically, it is just easier to do so online. Spending some time into finding the right site to bet on is very crucial. If you are a regular casino visitor, you will find that many of them contain sportsbooks. But whether they will let you bet on Asian handicap soccer is doubtful. Then there are bookmaking shops and telephone betting. However, the online world is the last complicated when it comes to place bets on any sport you can think of.
  • Understand the concept: Another thing to remember about this market is that you need to remember is to understand the concept very well before you bet your real money. Since this market is a little different from traditional ones, you may find it a bit complex but soon enough you will find yourself comfortable with it.
  • Always keeping the handicap value in mind: If you are very used to the traditional betting markets, you will take a little time internalizing the handicap value for each and every odds placed. But you have to do so. The basic concept to remember is that both teams are placed on a level playing field which makes it easy for you to win big if your luck shines on you.
  • Bonuses: A big advantage of using Asian handicap predictions for online betting sites is that you can use the bonuses you get to play. When you sign up on a reliable site, you will be treated with bonuses and this you can use to place your bets with. It can go a long way towards making sure that you practice well before playing with your real money. Since this is a different market altogether, you will be able to practice till you learn to wager properly.
  • Shop around: With Asian handicap tips, it can seem tempting for you to start wagering on the first site you find. However, don’t make this mistake. Today many professional bettors are placing their bets in Asian handicap soccer, there are many tipsters for football which offer the option. So shop around till you find the best value for your money. This will enable you to find a site that gives you the best odds which means that you win the most money. Too many bettors make the mistake of playing with just one bookmaker which means that they are unable to get the best odds for their money!

Asian handicap football betting is an interesting and exciting market to wager on. With time and effort invested, you too can become an expert, as many professional bettors already have. Since both teams which are playing are on a level field, you will find that the chances of your winning are bigger than other more traditional markets.

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