How to predict 1×2 Football betting correctly?

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Soccer betting, like the sport that is played, is a dynamic and fast paced world. Bookies set odds, tipster websites make predictions and punters use them to place winning wagers. Placing bets in soccer can take place either before the start of the actual match or when the match is underway. Thus, there is always a possibility of unexpected wins and losses. Of all the wagers that can be staked in a game of soccer by punters, it is the 1X2 wager which is the most popular. Its popularity stems from the fact that it is a simple and uncomplicated bet that is placed and hence even novice punters are able to place bets using the Football betting tips 1×2 that they receive from tipsters.

Understanding a 1×2 bet

In a game of soccer, there are three different outcomes which are possible. One is the possibility of a win, another is that of a loss and the last of that of a draw where neither teams win or lose. In sports bets that are placed all sports which have the possibility of a draw can indulge in this type of bet. Thus, it is very useful to understand the 1×2 system of staking in soccer.

The term 1X2 itself refers to the three outcomes wherein 1 represents a win by the home team, X a draw and 2 a win by the away team. It goes without saying that in outcome 1, the away team loses and in betting outcome 2, the home team loses. This type of bet is different from the Asian handicap wherein differences in the perceived quality of either the teams playing or the players participating gets evened out resulting in the stronger team having to overcome the handicap and then score enough goals to win the match.

In a 1×2 bet, the aim is to reflect true odds of all the outcomes possible after deducting the exchange commission or the bookmaker’s margin. It is also known as a 3 way bet, full time result bet or even a match bet. This type of bet can also be applied to Asian handicap football provided there is a chance of a draw.

Calculating the 1×2 back bet payout

Football betting tips 1×2 available from the tipster websites are based on certain calculations and mathematical probabilities which are made after reviewing previous games between the two teams, statistical analysis of data available on the same etc. Thus, this is a complex process which requires time taking analysis and reviews by experts of the field.

However, in case of calculating the payouts that a punter stands to receive, the calculation is simpler and is done in two stages:


Football betting tips 1x2


  • Stage 1: Herein the returns from the bet are calculated excluding the exchange commission. The formula that is generally followed is:

Odds * Stake = Return

This return includes the stake and thus the profit margin can only be calculated after deducting both the stake and the bookmaker’s commission. The use of Football betting tips 1×2 from well known tipster websites, increases the probability of a win making it necessary to be well-versed with the payout calculations.

  • Stage 2: Herein the calculation of the payout is done in a manner that the commission rate is also taken into account. Thus the formula for the same stands at:
    • ((Stake * (Odds – 1)) * Commission Rate

Once a punter is well-versed with the calculations involved in the same, it becomes easy for him to compare bookmaker margins and find the odds which offer the best value.

Calculating the 1×2 payout for a lay bet

The 1×2 betting market is such that it is quite receptive to lay bets where punters can lay the result. This effectively means that a punter is able to bet against the instance of an occurrence. Since the punter acts as the bookmaker here, he gets the money if the occurrence does not happen. But if the occurrence does occur, and he loses the lay 1×2 bet, he will need to make payouts just like a bookmaker does. That is why this type of bet is known as a lay bet. This is generally done after the punter has taken the Football betting tips 1×2 available with the tipsters into account.

Herein too, there are two steps involved in the calculation of the margin. These steps include:

  • Step 1: Herein the return is calculated excluding the commission and the formula remains the same as that of a back bet. The profit can only be calculated after the commission has been deducted from the same.
  • Step 2: Herein the return calculation is done with the commission and the formula for the same stands at:

Stake * (1 – commission percent) = profit

However, in a laying a betting exchange outcome, it is very important for the punter to calculate the liability he would have to incur if the occurrence that he is laying against actually happens.

Combining two outcomes

The 1×2 bet is generally staked on the final outcome of the match. It is, however, possible for the punter to combine any two of the possible three outcomes which can take place in a game of soccer. Such bets are known as double chance bets and the three possible combined outcomes can be:

  • 1X which stands for either a home win or a draw,
  • X2 which stands for either a draw or an away win and
  • 12 which stand for either a home or away win.

This combination of the outcomes of a 1×2 bet provides punters with a better chance and probability of a win. In fact when combined with the Football betting tips 1×2 available with tipsters, they make for a formidable combination.

There have been instances wherein the 1×2 wagers have also been placed on half time results. While the other things remain the same, herein the results depend on the scores that the teams stand at during half time. Thus, if the home team has scored more goals, it is a home win, if the away team scores more goals by halftime, it is an away win and if both score equal number of goals or both score no goals by halftime, the subsequent result is a draw.

With so many options available when betting on 1×2 bets, it is no wonder that this type of bet is quite popular. Thus, from novices to experienced punters, everyone tries to encash on its simplicity and win big rewards.

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