Now you can access 6 Asian Top Sports Bookies In Rescuebet

Now you can access 6 Asian Top Sports Bookies In Rescuebet

Punters can access Asia and the world’s leading sports bookies on Rescuebet. With access to 6 of the leading sportsbooks, punters will never fall short of a betting option ever again, irrespective of the sport, betting market, or time of day. The top 6 Asian sportsbooks punters can access on the Rescuebet platform include IMSports, MaxBet, M8Bet, SBOBet, United Gaming, CMD368 and Pinnacle Sports

Punters worldwide gain more access to sportsbooks and betting markets, the ability to quickly compare the best odds, added benefits, bonuses and incentives, multiple payment features, weekly rebates, loyalty benefits, and more on the Rescuebet platform. All these factors enrich a punter’s betting experience and help a punter make a higher profit in the long term compared to betting on a sportsbook without using the Rescuebet platform. 

Features Of Betting On Rescuebet

Punters gain access to several features when using Rescuebet to make a wager versus using any other platform or betting with each sportsbook individually and directly. Some of the critical features of betting on Rescuebet include:

1. Access To Top Sports Bookies 

Punters gain access to the top Asian sportsbooks through Rescuebet, all from a single platform. All a punter needs to do is sign up with Rescuebet with a name, email, phone, currency, and password, along with acceptance to the platform’s terms and conditions (such as all members are required to be at least 21 years old). Then, a member can log-in with one email and password on Rescuebet and gain access to all the top sportsbooks versus signing up with each sportsbook individually and having multiple passwords and accounts. All member information is encrypted and stored securely on the Rescuebet platform.  

2. Multiple Betting Events 

Each sportsbook gives punters access to several thousands of betting events every day (on average). With all 8 sportsbooks, a punter can access multiple betting events, sports, and outcomes through a single window. A punter, for example, could place wagers in markets like Asian handicap, Fixed Odds, Total Goals, Correct Score, BTTS, Double Chance and etc on a match between FC Mohun Bagan and Al-Ahed in the AFC after comparing the best odds on offer across multiple sportsbooks. Moreover, a punter can place multiple wagers with different sportsbooks with the option of betting on more than 10 events simultaneously. 

3. Intuitive UI And UX 

Punters spend a lot of time looking at screens when making wagers, looking for information, or navigating through different sportsbooks. This makes it essential for punters to have an intuitive and adaptive user interface. Punters now gravitate towards betting platforms with the best user experience (including site navigation, color scale, layout, images, etc.). Members of the Rescuebet platform stick around on the platform because it’s easy to use and navigate with a curated betting user experience. 

4. Global Access

A punter can use the Rescuebet platform from any location in the globe. All a punter needs is a stable internet connection and either a mobile device, laptop, or any other electronic device capable of accessing the world wide web. Windows, Android, and IOS users can access Rescuebet, create an account and make wagers in a matter of minutes. While all 6 sportsbooks are the best in Asia, they also have a global reach, with punters in Europe, South and North America, and the rest of the globe using the platform. 

5. Easy To Add And Withdraw Funds

A punter can add and withdraw funds with ease in a few steps on the Rescuebet platform. Moreover, punters can use a wide array of payment options in multiple currencies. Payment methods accepted on Rescuebet include Bitcoin, Bank of China, HongLeong Bank, Alliance Bank, Citibank, HSBC, Maybank, UOB, Standard Chartered, and more. 

6. Member Bonuses

Rescuebet members are privy to several bonuses, incentives, rebates, promotions, and offers. Each bonus feature is designed to incentivize a bettor to make a wager while maximizing profitability and minimizing potential losses. For example, members get up to 15% weekly losses rebates which means 15% revenue earned should a punter be unlucky enough to realize losses in a losing week. Rescuebet members also get a one-time sign-up bonus of 100% when signing up with any sportsbook on Rescuebet. 

7. Additional Platform Features

Some of the platform’s additional features include Rescuebet Tv, sports bookies, Esports betting, Live casino betting, slot games, gambling games, fishing games, Rescuebet podcast, blog, promos, and more. A punter will never run out of betting options, information, and content on Rescuebet. For example, the Rescuebet podcast breaks down betting strategies such as the reverse Martingale betting system in a step-by-step and easy-to-understand format.

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