Asian Bookie Football Tips

Asian Bookie Football Tips

When making Asian bookie soccer tips, it is standard procedure to take all the relevant statistics into account. And that is exactly what we do at However, it is not just the statistical information that is at play when determining the outcome of a match. And our community of tipsters have years of experience in evaluating these factors.

Standard Soccer Prediction Factors

The standard factors which are evaluated in making asian bookie soccer betting tips include the following:

  • Facts & figures
  • Current team & player forms
  • Player suspensions & injuries
  • Home/away records
  • Head-to-head records

We at, go beyond and evaluate many other influencing factors.

Weather Conditions

The weather condition on the day of the match can have a big impact on how the match turns out.

  • Heavy rain before or on the day of the match can mean higher moisture levels
  • Passing the ball can be more difficult for players

Even when advanced systems have been developed to reduce the influence of weather, it is not possible to fully overcome this factor.

Soccer professionals fully understand the importance of weather to the outcome of a match. This is why major clubs have meteorologists for providing accurate information on weather conditions on a given day and time.

Team coaches and managers know the influence of the smallest detail on a match. Since the weather is a big factor, it cannot be ignored.

Asian Bookie Football Tips

Team Playing Style

How the 2 sides play is also a crucial factor in coming up with winning Asian bookie football tips.

  • If both the teams play defensively, the match is going to be defensive and is highly likely to end in a draw
  • If both the sides play offensively, the match is likely to end in a high score

Evaluating this factor can thus provide valuable asian handicap betting tips with regard to the goals scored in a match.

Playing style also gives a clear indication about the winning potential of underdogs. Thus, evaluating this factor can help in finding bets that offer great value. So if the stronger side is known for its higher possession percentage and the underdog for its almost impenetrable defense and counterattack capabilities, you can often find significant value in betting on the latter.


Every time there is a match between a stronger and a much weaker side, it is easy to bet on the favorite. The stronger side is expected to win without any chance for the underdog. However, our Asian bookie soccer betting tips also include complacency as an important factor. We evaluate the following sub-factors with regard to it:

  • The stronger team is highly likely to take the match less seriously because they are facing a much weaker team
  • The stronger team may have a bigger game coming up
  • The underdog may have a past record of causing big upsets against much stronger teams

In many situations, the stronger team’s coach may give rest to the key players when there is an upcoming bigger match. This can provide the smaller or weaker team a big edge.

At, we take into account many such unique factors into account when creating our Asian bookie football tips. If you are a punter looking for making profits, you have come to the right place. Our top betting tipsters bring you verified tips to ensure that you make profits every month and every season.

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